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211 E. Alpine Rd, Ste. 100 – Austin, TX 78704 tel: 512-680-1387
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Welcome to the Yama-Kan Self-Defense School

The Yama-Kan Self-Defense School is a Kajukenbo and mixed martial arts dojo/fitness center in Austin, Texas (off S. Congress Ave.) offering specialized group and individual training and classes in Kajukenbo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Grappling, Muay Thai, Kettlebells and Bootcamps. Classes and training are offered for adults - men and women's self-defense; and children's martial arts - boys and girls, ages 4 and up. Learn more about our programs below:

Kajukenbo Self-Defense

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Boot Camp

Kajukenbo Kids I & II


Muay Thai

Women's Boxing
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Saturday Workouts at the Dojo

Join us every Saturday from 10 am to noon for a fun, challenging and sweaty workout.

The first hour is about warming up, conditioning, and learning basic self-defense. The second hour is geared toward more specific training, practicing kickboxing and boxing moves or Kajukenbo. It’s a great way to start your weekend and try our programs.

Questions? Email tmorel@austin.rr.com.

Kajukenbo students receive their black belt rankings

After five hours of testing, brown belt Kajukenbo students Sarah and Steven obtained their black belt ranking on February 22nd. Congratulations for their hard work and perseverance!

Going for a run?

Yama Kan Austin Texas Martial Arts Running Group
Be part of the dojo’s NEW running group. To kickoff the program we’re doing a marathon challenge. Starting Thursday, February 6, let’s run together a marathon distance (26.2 miles) in one month. That’s only 3/4 mile per day! It’s as … Continue reading

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To all seekers of "The Way, The Truth, & The Light"
Knowledge comes from The Master
Guidance comes from your instructors
Strength & Wisdom come from "within"
– Guro Bill Aranda

Yama Kan offers world-class self-defense training in South Austin

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Tony Morel's Yama-Kan School of Self-Defense
211 E. Alpine Road, Ste. 100
Austin, Texas 78704
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