Kickboxing Health Benefits Beyond the Cardio

Why Kickboxing is Better Than the Treadmill – Exercise and Life Benefits for Women

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At this point, we all know that exercise boosts endorphins and can make us feel better. From a sense of calm, to better focus, to better sleep, research tells us that making exercise a part of our life is essential to living the best way possible. But does it matter what kind of exercise we’re doing? I think it does and I’m going to explain why a kickboxing class can be more beneficial than working out alone at a traditional gym. I also want to spend time sharing what women students have to say about kickboxing and why it’s so empowering for them.

How Kickboxing Classes Differs from Traditional Exercise

When most people go to the gym, they work out alone. If that’s what you’re used to, then your first kickboxing class will be a fun surprise. You’ll be in a social setting as well as a workout setting. Our classes average 8-10 people and it’s always a fun time. Over the hour long class, we practice a particular skill, do shadow fighting, and pair up to get repetitions with another class member.

Besides the fun, social nature of kickboxing classes, you’ll also notice that you’re giving your brain an extra hard workout too. While you can read or zone out on an exercise bike, in our classes you’re constantly learning and trying new things. You’ll work on spacing and keeping your distance which trains your body’s spatial intelligence. You’ll work on reacting, which builds your instincts. You’re learning new techniques frequently and learning keeps your brain sharp!

Training in martial arts is about the process of getting better. You learn discipline and respect for the training you need to put in to improve. That discipline and work ethic that you are building in our kickboxing classes will transfer to other parts of your life too. Many students have told me that training in kickboxing has made it easier for them to train at other life skills because they’ve had experience with trying and failing for months before getting better.

Special Kickboxing Benefits for Women

From my decades of teaching women martial arts, I’ve learned that kickboxing isn’t the same as a normal gym workout for women. Women have told me that they get a huge boost of confidence when they’re learning new techniques and hitting the bag. There’s something about releasing some of the aggressiveness they have inside and having a place to use their strength that empowers them.

For many women, traditional workouts can be wrapped up in calories and looking better. When you join a kickboxing group, you get to step away from that mindset and focus just on training. You’re still working your body hard, but the mind is focused on techniques and building your fitness for improving your skill, not so much improving the way you look. Building functional fitness during training can be a lot more exciting than looking at your workout as another chore.

Finally, women enjoy our classes because they can work out with other women. Similar to other group fitness classes, women can get away from the sometimes ‘bro’ atmosphere of the gym and get into a more collegial, friendly atmosphere that encourages you to come back again and again. Our dojo is a supportive place for all women, regardless of how far you have progressed in your training.

Give it a Try!

Kickboxing can be a great way to break out of your normal workout routine, meet some great new people, and challenge yourself in a new way. You’ll get the same endorphins cardio workout from a tough gym session, but with many more psychological benefits. You don’t need to start out being an expert here. Many of my students have barely thrown a kick before they walked in the door! If you would like to experience a kickboxing class for yourself, simply sign up here and I’ll contact you shortly about scheduling your trial classes. I can’t wait to see you!

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