Judo Classes in Austin, Texas

Our adult judo classes focus on judo techniques including traditional combat and sparring. Every individual learns to utilize their own strengths and we mold techniques to fit the individual. When students become proficient, they will have developed a personalized strategy of self-defense and awareness.


Judo Schedule

Classes are offered on the following days:
Saturday: 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Meet Your Instructors

Sensei Robin Tidwell is a 6th Dan black belt judoka with 40 years of competitive Judo experience, 35 of those years training under the highest-ranked judoka in the United States, 9th Dan Sensei Vince Tamura of Dallas. Mr. Tidwell never placed lower than 3rd in the National Senior Mens’ Masters Championships from 1984-2000. His book on Judo chokes and submissions is well-regarded in the field.

"Fantastic curriculum and Amazing Instructors!"

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