Get in Great Shape with HIIT Kickboxing

If you’re ready to burn calories and have a blast working out, try one of our Kaju Strong Kickboxing classes. Kaju Strong Kickboxing will get you in great shape in only 30 minutes. Your instructor will put you through a circuit of conditioning exercises and bag work that will test your fitness. Kaju Strong is one of our most popular programs and with 11 sessions a week, you’ll be sure to find a time that works for you. 

This class focuses primarily on HIIT (high intensity interval training) rather than kickboxing technique. For more technique training, try one of our 30 minute martial arts classes or stick around after the HIIT class for our regular Kickboxing class which teaches kickboxing skills. 

Students are encouraged to show up early or stay later for a kickboxing class. The mixture of technique and HIIT means you get a complete workout and develop as a martial artist. We always have a regular kickboxing class before or after the Kaju Strong program. Check out our videos to what it’s all about and to get more information.

Add Fitness to Your Martial Arts Training

Many students choose to attend our HIIT Kaju Strong classes as a supplement to our other martial arts classes. They find the fitness adds to the overall training program and makes them even more prepared for the other classes. Kaju Strong Kickboxing is a great fitness addition to our Kajukenbo program.

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"I love this group"

I went on December 3rd for the first time, and it was fantastic. Tony welcomed me in and now I am going 3x a week.
Anna Z
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