Kajukenbo Classes in Austin, Texas

While Kajukenbo is a nationally recognized art with many instructors, many new students still ask me “What is Kajukenbo?”. Kajukenbo is actually America’s first mixed martial art. It was developed in Hawaii after WW2 as a real world self defense system for locals to protect themselves against violent sailors. By nature of being a self defense art, Kajukenbo focuses on techniques that end fights quickly and efficiently.

Kajukenbo combines Karate (‘Ka’), Judo (‘ju’), Kenpo (‘ken’), and Boxing (‘bo’)

Techniques and Body Mechanics

Our classes develop students ability to recognize and respond to attacks. By studying body mechanics and training with other students in the dojo, you will learn the 8 ways an attack can come at you. With repetition and coaching from master level instructors, you will learn your own responses that work best for you. As students progress from beginners to masters, they will develop their own unique style.

The Difference Between Us and MMA-Style Fitness Gyms

Developing an effective response to real world threats means learning how to defend yourself against larger opponents or opponents with weapons. Our classes teach techniques that are not typically included in a ‘MMA Gym’ environ­­ment. Rather than focus on fighting competitions, Kajukenbo prides itself on being brutal, overkill, and powerful in real world situations.

Kajukenbo Founders

It’s important to understand Kajukenbo’s roots as a blending of different martial arts systems. The 5 original Co-founders of the Kajukenbo system were these men. And only them.
KA:Instructor P.Y.Y. Choo contributed American Boxing, Korean Tang Soo Do
JU:Instructor Joe Holck contributed Japanese Kodokan Judo and Hawaiian Danzan Ryu Jiu jitsu
Instructor Frank Ordonez contributed Japanese Se Kieno Jiu jitsu.
KEN:Professor Adriano Emperado contributed Japanese Kenpo, Chinese Chuan Fa, and Okinawan Karate
BO:Professor C. Chang contributed Chinese Sil Lum Pai Gung Fu.
There are others claiming to be founders but it is not true. The one to carry on after 1950 and creator of the KSDI was Sijo Adriano Directo Emperado!

Kajukenbo Schedule

Classes are offered on the following days:
Monday: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 3:00 – 5:00 PM


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"I love this group"

I joined about 6 months ago. The classes have made me fitter, more relaxed and brought new friends into my life. As a senior with little prior experience, I wasn't sure about what to expect of myself. Tony Morel is a supportive teacher and a wonderful role model for all his students, young and mature.
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