Classes Sibak Aaron Teaches at the Dojo:



Aaron Dillon

Sibak (Kajukenbo), 2nd Degree Kajukenbo

Aaron Dillon began his journey as a martial artist as a student under Taekwondo Master Alita Schuppin in 2000 at the age of 13. After several years studying the art, he stumbled upon a small Kajukenbo in the central Vermont area. Immediately he became fascinated by the art and began attending regular classes taught by Sifu Angel Herrera of the Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo style.

Training continued until he left to join the United States Marine Corps in 2005. While enlisted in the service, he maintained high fitness standards and actively trained with his junior Marines, motivating them to a similar path.

Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps, Aaron decided to leave Vermont and move to Austin, TX, in 2010. Wanting to continue his training, he began studying under Master Instructor Tony Morel of the Yama Kan Kajukenbo dojo in the Austin area. In 2015, Aaron earned his 2st degree Black Belt under Master Instructor Morel, and continues to train and stay fit with martial arts, weightlifting, and running.

Outside of the training hall Aaron enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, and hiking the Greenbelt.