Wellington Brito

Wellington Brito

Instructor – BJJ and Muay Thai

Wellington Brito is a life-long martial artist who is passionate about teaching self-defense and martial arts to people of all ages and abilities.

Wellington started his martial arts journey by studying karate at the age of 7. At age 17, Wellington began practicing Muay Thai kickboxing. He took up the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (“BJJ”) at age 18.

As a BJJ competitor, Wellington has been Brasilia Champion (twice), Centro Oeste Champion (twice), and NAGA Champion at both brown and black belt levels. Wellington’s students regularly compete in BJJ with the assistance of Wellington’s expert coaching.

​Wellington also holds a black prajied in Muay Thai. This is the highest level that can be attained in Muay Thai under a ranking system used by many Muay Thai organizations in Brazil.

​Wellington became a professional mixed martial arts fighter in 2006, with fights in both the United States and Brazil. He trained with many Brazilian MMA stars during his career as a professional fighter, including some who have fought in the UFC. Wellington retired from active MMA competition after 13 fights. He continues to pursue his passion for MMA by training and cornering professional and amateur MMA fighters in Texas.

He seeks to share his passion for martial arts with others, and he considers members of his team to be family. Classes are currently held at the Yama Kan School of Self Defense in south Austin. Everyone is welcome in Wellington’s classes regardless of age, size, gender, past experience, or athletic ability.